(TP8104WGSF)PCA FINE Wave Grid Strip
  • (TP8104WGSF)PCA FINE Wave Grid Strip
  • (TP8104WGSF)PCA FINE Wave Grid Strip
  • (TP8104WGSF)PCA FINE Wave Grid Strip

(TP8104WGSF)PCA FINE Wave Grid Strip

Referentie : TP8104WGSF
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PCA Fine Wave Grid Strip (TP8104WGSF) - These strips are a new concept especially designed for the tools which cannot be used on the standard grids. They enable you to create straight lines of connecting shapes, fill a large area with repeating perforatings or just emboss a pattern. Ideal for creating frames around the perimeter of a card etc. Very versatile and easy to use. The tool for this Grid Strip is F1104 MkII Fine Wave Perforating Tool. PCA® FINE Wave Tool MkII (F1104)

F1001 UniFine may also be used.
With all of our NEW Grid Strips we have modified the appropriate tools, so they have a couple of longer needles to act as leading points, to help you line up the odd shaped tool over the grid formation. All existing respective tools will still fit comfortably, but just do not have these new leading points.

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