(PCA-TP101001)FINE Slot Oval Guide
  • (PCA-TP101001)FINE Slot Oval Guide
  • (PCA-TP101001)FINE Slot Oval Guide

(PCA-TP101001)FINE Slot Oval Guide

Reference : PCA-TP101001
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This template comprises of Oval frames using the PCA-B2048 Bold 6 Needle Slot Perforating/Punch Tool or the PCA-B2049 Bold 8 Needle Slot Perforating/Punch tool. Use this template to create slot shaped oval frames around your image. Simply place your vellum on top of the template and perforate through the holes. (hold vellum in place using Blu-Tack or Tape) Full perforation will create a perfect punched out shape, just as if you had used scissors. Even better than scissors. A lot quicker and easier. NO more sore scissor fingers! If only perforations are required, simply perforate to half the depth of the needles. Add that extra finish by threading ribbon (3mm or 4mm wide) through the slots to give you that magic finish on your cards
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