Pergamano : kit 10 tools (10000)
  • Pergamano : kit 10 tools (10000)

Pergamano : kit 10 tools (10000)

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Small ball (10011)
Large ball (10021)
Extra small ball (10071)
Extra large ball (10099)
1 needle (10241)
2 needle (10261)
4 needle (10251)
5 needle (10212)
Perforating tool wing (10233)
Mapping pen (10420)

In parchment craft, the perforating and embossing tools are often used intensively for a long period of time. The level of force exerted to use the tools makes it important for the tool to rest comfortably in the hand. The ergonomic design and the weight of the new tool ensure an ideal distribution of pressure during use, reducing the chance of fatigue or discomfort in the user’s hands to a minimum.
The new tool is made of a flexible and extremely durable material. In addition, the comfortable soft grip is made of a specially developed dirt-repellent rubber, which ensures a soft but firm grip, even if your hands perspire while you work.
In designing the new tool, a deliberate decision was made to choose an organic shape which could incorporate the ergonomic aspects effectively. You can see the recognisable Pergamano style reflected in subtle stylistic details and the striking combination of colours.
The extremely sharp point and the design of the needle ensure minimal resistance during perforating. A special coating helps the needles slide through the parchment paper even more smoothly.
All the tools that have a sharp point or needle have been equipped with a transparent cap. The cap protects the point or needle from damage. The cap also keeps the user from getting injured by the wickedly sharp needles and other points. Of course the cap also meets world-wide consumer protection laws and regulations. For example, the cap has a small hole at the top, making it childproof. Because the cap is made of a crystal-clear transparent material, it is easy to tell the tools apart without removing the cap.
The tools can also be identified using the specially designed icon engraved on the diagonal backside of the tool. When all the tools are inserted into the tool case, the codes are easily visible so you can clearly see which tool is which.

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