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(GRO-TR-41589-02)Groovi® plate A6 BARBARA'S GINKGO SPRAY
  • (GRO-TR-41589-02)Groovi® plate A6 BARBARA'S GINKGO SPRAY

(GRO-TR-41589-02)Groovi® plate A6 BARBARA'S GINKGO SPRAY


105mm x 148mm


 The Groovi Range has been created by Claritystamp Ltd to make the art of Parchment Craft accessible to everyone. Parchment Craft is a beautiful artform, that traditionally requires great skill, time and patience. At Clarity, we decided to develop an upbeat, groovy range of tools and designs which will inspire and enable everybody to get in the groove. One of the greatest benefits of this new Groovi® concept is the mindfulness aspect - the therapeutic approach to focussing the mind on the Here and Now. By concentrating on the actual process of staying in the groove of the design with the embossing tool, one’s mind can relax into the activity. What’s more, the end result is destined to delight. And a positive result is great for a positive mental attitude. It is clever, fun and easy. No skill required. Great for all ages and everyone. Coordinates with the Pergamano Embossing Tool Extra Small Ball 1 mm (10071) and the Pergamano Embossing Tool Small Ball 1.5 mm (10011). For the best result use Pergamano Parchment Paper 150g A4 10 Sheets (61406).

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